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The Archaeology section is housed in Palazzo Viani Dugnani, and occupies part of the ground floor and the basement.

The focal point of the Section is the collection of grave goods from Ornavasso, a village in the lower Ossola Valley. The Museum conserves over 1,500 items which give a glimpse of the evolution of a small community of Leponti, at a point in their history when their Celtic culture was giving way to their gradual introduction into the Roman world. The collection has been internationally renowned since the end of the 19th century. It was once again opened to the public in a newly designed display in September 2000.

Two rooms in the basement also display:

- A collection of works from Magna Graecia, assembled by the Miazzina priest Don Secondo Falciola, comprising a homogeneous group of items datable between the 8th and 4th centuries B.C. and probably belonging to the necropolis in Daunia (Northern Apulia) of Ascoli Satriana (Foggia).

- The collection lent by the Intra Alpine Club, comprising two parts: a group of objects of local origin from the Roman period (1st-4th centuries A.D.); a collection of pottery from central Italy, of a type suggesting that it originated in the territory of the Falisci, i.e. the southernmost part of Etruria.

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