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Sculpture section

The section occupies the ground floor of Palazzo Viani-Dugnani, and houses works by Giulio Branca, Paolo Troubetzkoy and Arturo Martini.

One room displays works by the Cannobio sculptor Giulio Branca (1850-1926). His early sculptures were in neo-classical style, but he later moved towards Romanticism, though always with an eye to realism.
The Museum possesses 22 of Branca’s sculptures, most of them donated by the artist’s heirs.

The next three rooms are devoted to the Impressionist sculptor Paolo Troubetzkoy (1866-1938), who was born in Intra on Lake Maggiore to a Russian father and an American mother. The artist himself requested that all his plaster sculptures from his house in Verbania and his studio in Neuilly sur Seine be donated to the Museo del Paesaggio.

The last two rooms contain works by Arturo Martini (1889-1947), one of the major Italian sculptors of the twentieth century, a position he achieved also through his intense artistic activity with a wealth of exhibitions and a sustained level of creativity. Through the kindness of his partner Egle Rosmini, originally from Lake Maggiore, in 1979-80 the Museo del Paesaggio acquired valuable sculptures and paintings by Martini, along with documentary material on the artist.

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