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Second Provincial Conference on the Landscape

The management of the landscape

5 May - 5 May

“The second provincial Conference on the Landscape uses a double approach – on the one hand an exploration of the relevant laws and policies, on the other an examination of practical experience and applied knowledge – to offer administrators, operators, technicians and citizens the opportunity to look at the protection and valorisation of our landscape heritage from a new viewpoint.”

Omegna, Forum
Sponsored by the VCO Province and the Omegna Town Council



Lakes garden in Europe

Lakes and gardens. Lakes between illusion and reality. Knowing and appreciating the value of the lake landscape in Italy and Europe

6 October - 7 October

“This prestigious International Conference, organised by the Villa and Garden Archive of the Museo del Paesaggio, looked at the theme of lake gardens on a European scale. Authoritative speakers from Italy and abroad gave different interpretations of the theme, from its literary and philosophical implications to geographic and botanical analyses, not neglecting the aspects of conservation and appreciation of the value of the gardens.
At the end of the Conference the ICOMOS-IFLA Document for a census and catalogue of historic gardens was presented.”

Verbania Pallanza, Hotel Majestic
Sponsored by: Piedmont Region, VCO Province, Verbania Town Council, Ministry of Culture and Historic Monuments, Touring Club Italiano, Italian Association of Landscape Architecture, Italian Villas Association, Regio Insubrica, Institute for Ecosystem Study. In collaboration with ICOMOS – IFLA.

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The gardenerís craft

Knowledge and techniques for historic gardens

23 October - 24 October

“This International Conference dealt directly with the practical aspects of gardening, rather than dwelling on abstract or literary themes.  It is unthinkable to plan to restore historic gardens without tackling the problem of training those who actually have to do the complex work of restoration – the gardeners. The speakers illustrated the current state of teaching gardeners in the various centres of instruction where gardening is taught.”

International Conference, Verbania, Lake Maggiore Tecnoparco, Villa San Remigio

Sponsored by: Piedmont Region, VCO Province, Consortium of the Typical Flowers of Lake Maggiore

First Provincial Conference on the Landscape

27 March - 27 March

“The Museo del Paesaggio, whose remit according to its statute is to ‘encourage the study of the artistic and natural treasures of the area and to support measures for their protection’, organised the First provincial Conference on the Landscape. The conference was divided into two sessions: ‘Towards a culture of the landscape in local government’ and ‘Landscape and instruments for managing and planning the territory’.
In defence of the landscape of Verbano Cusio Ossola, but not only here.”

Vogogna, Castello Visconteo

Sponsored by: VCO Province, Vogogna Town Council



The garden landscapes of Lake Maggiore

From knowledge to protection and appreciation of their value

7 September - 7 September

“A Conference focusing on the landscaping complex made up of the large number of villas with gardens which lie all along the western shore of Lake Maggiore, forming a valuable heritage which was constructed at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries by sections of society which were largely from outside the local community.  
With reference also to the problems of protection and appreciation of the value of this landscape.”

Verbania Pallanza, Hotel Majestic

Sponsored by: Piedmont Region, VCO Province


Non-figurative rock engravings in the southern Alps

6 October - 7 October

“Following the publication in 1998 of Antonio Biganzoli’s book The marked territory. Rock engravings in the Lake Maggiore area, the Museo del Paesaggio organised this conference to consider afresh the theme of non-figurative rock engravings (largely comprising cup-marks and grooves), which are very common in the Alps. Participants in the conference included some of the most eminent researchers in the southern Alpine area”.

Study conference, Verbania Intra, Il Chiostro Hotel

Sponsored by: Piedmont Region



Enrico Bianchetti 1834-1894

A historian and archaeologist in the 19th century Ossola

24 September - 24 September

“On the occasion of the centenary of the death of the Ossola scholar Enrico Bianchetti, the Museo del Paesaggio and the Provincial Administration of Novara organised a study conference on his work as a historian (in 1878 he published ‘The Lower Ossola. Historical information and documents’) and archaeologist (between 1890 and 1894 he excavated the necropolises of Ornavasso, the grave goods from which are kept in the Archaeological Section of the Museo del Paesaggio).”

Study conference on the centenary of his death
Verbania Pallanza, Villa San Remigio

Sponsored by: Provincial Administration of Novara
In collaboration with: Archaeology Office of Piedmont

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