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Fact sheets on the landscape

“Do not praise the landscape, understand it!” urged Antonio Massara, the founder of the Museo del Paesaggio, in 1911.
It is in this spirit that the Museum has decided to publish on its website fact sheets on the many facets making up landscape. Our approach will not be one of scientific analysis: rather we will be looking at things that can be easily appreciated by the interested non-specialist.
Antonio Massara described “landscape” as a harmonic blend of nature and the human activity that transforms it. In this sense the landscape of the Verbano Cusio Ossola Province shows a wide range of interconnected elements, a rich mixture of lakes and mountains, small towns and high mountain pastures, terracing and wayside shrines, Sacri Monti and fine old houses, castles and churches, to name only a few of its features.
This landscape, though, is often at risk.  What can only be called a widespread ignorance of its treasures on the part of local people and their administrators alike has led to many negative changes, neglect and even destruction of these treasures.  The Museo del Paesaggio has a clear responsibility to raise public awareness of the territory, so that the most appropriate strategies for managing it correctly can be implemented.
These fact sheets, which also include information on the present state of the features described, are designed to contribute to this aim. 

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