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The intelligence of the hand

Conversations with Fausto Pagliano

€20,00 (€ 15,00 for Museum's friends)

A film by Gabriele Croppi, 2005
Format: DVD
Duration: 60 minutes
Extra: works by Fausta Pagliano
Director: Gabriele Croppi
Music: Roberto Olzer
Director of photography: Gabriele Croppi
Additional photography and shots: Francisco Baccaro
Editing: Isabella Stampanoni
Produced by: Museo del Paesaggio

“Fausto Pagliano is an artist who works at his home in Montecrestese using various techniques, aiming to capture complexity in his creations. With this exhibition, the Museo del Paesaggio opens its doors to an appreciation of contemporary art. The DVD (film+ works) replaces for the occasion the traditional catalogue; it has been made with the contribution of two artists from the Ossola, the director Gabriele Croppi and the composer Roberto Olzer.”

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