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Genius Loci.

Masterpieces of Landscape Museum at Villa Giulia - English small guide

Gianni Pizzigoni

€8,00 (€ 5,00 for Museum's friends)

Translation of the panels of the exhibition "Genius Loci. Masterpieces of Landscape Museum at Villa Giulia. Translated by Lauren Crow. 


Genius Loci

Masterpieces of Landscape Museum at Villa Giulia

Massimiliano Cremona, Gianni Pizzigoni, Federica Rabai

€18,00 (€ 15,00 for Museum's friends)

Catalogue of the exhibition " Masterpieces of Landscape Museum at Villa Giulia " which was held at Villa Giulia , in the heart of Pallanza from 14 June 2014 to 7 September 2014 The course focuses on key artists of the Museum and their love for the lake and the land of VERBANO . The exhibition was open to schools even from 4 October 2014 to 9 November in 2014. The book is in italian.


Antonio Calderara. The Abstract Works

The Catalogue

€22,00 (€ 20,00 for Museum's friends)

Paper bound, 24x30cm, 168 pages, 87 colour reproductions.

Gianni Pizzigoni, Introduction
Marco Rosci, The Conversion
Fabrizio Parachini, Antonio Calderara. Constructing of a glance
Fabrizio Parachini, Verbal-visual appendix
The Works
The list of exposed works
Elisabetta Rota, Biography
A selection of writings by Antonio Calderara
Critical anthology
Personal exhibitions

"In the exhibition catalogue Marco Rosci analyzes and underlines the development of Antonio Calderara's European neo-concrete research, while Fabrizio Parachini examines the primary structures used in constructing the artwork and explains the communicative weight of the geometrical forms that vary in dimensions according to light and colour. Colour reproductions of all the exhibited works and the artist's biography are followed by a full reference section."


Andrea Ruffoni. The Works

Exhibition Catalogue

by Fabrizio Parachini and Marco Rosci

€20,00 (€ 15,00 for Museum's friends)

Double Language Italian/English edition, paper bound, 24x28cm, 184 pages, 105 colour images, 10 black and white images.

Gianni Pizzigoni, Introduction
Marco Rosci, The spirit of Ruffoni in his papers
Fabrizio Parachini, The layers of mind
The catalogue of the works, photography by Paolo Minioni
Biographical notes
Andrea's Island
, photography by Natale Zoppis
Summary of works in the exhibition

"The exhibition catalogue penetrates the life of Ruffoni's art in curators Marco Rosci and Fabrizio Parachini's essays, the former analyzing the artist’s notebooks, the latter   describing Ruffoni's techniques and his relationship with the so-called Art Brut. There follows a sequence of 50 photographs by Natale Zoppis, offering an evocative interpretation of the environment where the artist lived and worked: his house, studio, and garden, and his island.”


Arnaldo Ferraguti 1862-1925

Painting and literature at the end of a century

A cura di Sergio Rebora

€25,00 (€ 20,00 for Museum's friends)

Exhibition catalogue. Paper bound,  24x30 cm, 192 pages, 54 colour reproductions, 114 black and white illustrations.
M. C. Brunati, Arnaldo Ferraguti and his time;
S. Rebora, Ferraguti the painter;
M. Milan, “Excuse me, but how are you going to paint on board?” Arnaldo Ferraguti as the illustrator for the Treves publishing house;
M. Cremona, Artists on the Castagnola. Villas and vacations;
Catalogue of exhibited works, technical data, exchange of letters with D’Annunzio, summary of illustrations, summary of works in the exhibition and bibliography, edited by: M. C. Brunati, E. Casotto, M. Cremona, S. Fugazza, L. Ghio, C. Lacchia, V. Maderna, M. Milan, S. Rebora, A. Scotti.

“Following in the footsteps of Francesco Paolo Michetti, Arnaldo Ferraguti used a verista style without social criticism, depicting in a positive light ordinary people, their customs and their work on the land. The husband of a niece of the publisher Emilio Treves, he also became one of the best-known Italian book illustrators of the late 19th century, illustrating books by Edmondo De Amicis, Giovanni Verga, and Gabriele D’Annunzio.”


Lake Gardens in Europe

Cultural landscapes drawn from the water

Edited by Renata Lodari

No longer available

Exhibition catalogue. Paper bound, 24x28 cm, 192 pages, 435 colour illustrations, 28 black and white illustrations. Texts by: R. Lodari, I. Gražulevi?i?te, E. Ruoff, S. Newman, I. Formann, M. Rudloff-Azzi, G. Hajòs, C. Lodari.

“ The book is an anthology of around 160 gardens on the shores of lakes in Europe.  Essays by a number of European experts, who share their knowledge of their own cultural landscapes, are followed by an exceptional series of photographs describing lands far from Lake Maggiore, with the aim of perceiving similarities and differences.”


Ex – votos

Votive paintings from the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Boden in private collections and the Museo del Paesaggio

Romano Broggini, Massimiliano Cremona

€20,00 (€ 15,00 for Museum's friends)

Exhibition catalogue. Paper bound, 15x21 cm, 190 pages, 85 colour illustrations, 8 black and white illustrations.

“In the mountains above Ornavasso, a small town of Walser origin, the miracle of a shepherdess saved by the Virgin Mary in 1528 spurred the people to build a sanctuary dedicated to the “Madonna del Boden”.  This book illustrates some of the ex-votos which for centuries have accumulated on the walls of the church, contextualising and commenting on them.” 


Vittore Grubicy De Dragon, the poet of Divisionism

Edited by Sergio Rebora

No longer available

Exhibition catalogue. Paper bound, 24x30 cm, 142 pages, 91 colour reproductions, 16 black and white reproductions.
S. Rebora, Vittore Grubicy the poet of Divisionism;
C. Migliavacca, ed., Catalogue;
M. Cremona, ed., Crono-biography;
C. Migliavacca, ed., Bibliography.

“Art dealer, critic, free-lance journalist and painter, Vittore Grubicy De Dragon is in many ways a pivotal figure in the story of Divisionism, and more generally of Italian painting in the last years of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Working in Miazzina high above Lake Maggiore, isolated from the world of sound by his deafness, he achieved some genuine masterpieces, interpreting the spirit of the landscape through subdued and “musical” evocations.”



Walking round the city in safety

Various authors

No longer available

Exhibition catalogue. Paper bound, 15x21 cm, 152 pages, 73 colour reproductions. Texts by L. M. Munari, G. Chierchini, E.Baccei, P. Cigoli and V. Selini, T. Melorio, P. De Piccoli and M. Vermicelli, M. Meneguzzo.

“This exhibition of art-therapy displays works created by people with psychic problems on the theme of urban safety. It is organised by Milan City Council, as part of its commitment to enabling city-dwellers, particularly those most vulnerable, to enjoy the city’s facilities in safety, in collaboration with MAPP (Museo d’Arte Paolo Pini) of the Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital and the Castelli Hospital of Verbania.”


The school rose-gardens for the school, for the museum and for the town

Maria Grazia Reami Ottolini


Bound volume, 17x24 cm, 32 pages, 11 colour photographs.

“Visitors to Palazzo Biumi-Innocenti, one of the buildings housing the Museo del Paesaggio, should stop a moment in the « Rose gardens », two pretty gardens full of rose bushes created by some teachers and pupils of the nearby Ranzoni Middle School. This book describes their history and the flowers they contain.”


Federico Ashton, painter of the mountains

Massimiliano Cremona, Gianni Pizzigoni, Maria Pia Zocchi

€30,00 (€ 20,00 for Museum's friends)

Exhibition catalogue. Paper bound, 24x28 cm, 176 pages, 57 colour reproductions, 43 black and white reproductions.
G. Pizzigoni, Federico Ashton painter of the mountains;
M. Cremona, Federico Ashton in the memory, in the life and in the places;
M. P. Zocchi, A look towards the mountain;
M.Cremona, Catalogue;
Summary of exhibition documents;
Critical itinerary.

“Nineteenth century Romantic painter, who continued in the Romantic style when its heyday was past, the retiring, solitary Federico Ashton roamed valleys and climbed mountains in search of the picturesque, and sometimes the sublime. Domodossola became his adopted town, his base for discovering and painting the marvellous landscapes of the Ossola and the Valais Canton, just beginning to be affected by Alpine tourism.”


The gardens framing Lake Maggiore

Documents for the history of gardens on the Piedmont shore

Federico Fontana, Carola Lodari, Renata Lodari, Valeria Mora

€15,00 (€ 10,00 for Museum's friends)

Exhibition catalogue. Paper bound, 15x21 cm, 232 pages, 65 colour reproductions.

“The catalogue of the exhibition is unusual in so far as it is based on archive documents which were originally of a practical-administrative nature, later becoming witnesses to the history of individuals and the community. The drawings included show some of the plans of the villas and gardens which in the 19th century changed the landscape of the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore.”


The garden landscapes of Lake Maggiore

From knowledge to protection and appreciation of their value

Edited by Renata Lodari

No longer available

Proceedings of the Conference of 7 September 2002, Verbania. The Museum’s copies are sold out, but it is obtainable at Margaroli’s bookshop in Verbania Intra.


Gardens and villas of Lake Maggiore

A cultural landscape between the19th and 20th centuries

edited by Renata Lodari

€45,00 (€ 40,00 for Museum's friends)

Hard cover with dust jacket, 22x30 cm, 280 pages, 400 colour photographs, 126 black and white photographs, 7 maps, 243 villas listed. Autors: F. Bagliani, T. Bagnati, M. Benente, P. Cornaglia, A. Dameri, F. Fontana, C. Lodari, R. Lodari, S. Pace, F. Rabellino, S. Rebora.

“This book describes the phenomenon of holiday-making on the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore from the viewpoints of geography, history, literature, botany, anthropology, conservation, etc. The 243 villas described testify to the transformation of this shore in the late 19th-early 20th centuries to an almost unbroken continuum of villas and gardens.”


Alberto Longoni in the Country of No Reason

Michela Cerizza, Elisa Longoni, Franco Passoni

€26,00 (€ 21,00 for Museum's friends)

Exhibition catalogue. Hardback with dust jacket, 30x33 cm, 136 pages, 54 colour reproductions, 61 black and white reproductions.

“The everyday world dozes off and, meeting the artist in dreams, he paints it in an oneiric journey. Suddenly everything is more beautiful and clothed in fantasy; objects become animated and tell never-ending stories which incorporate the existence of the artist and of all men, united by common experiences and sentiments.”


Antonio Gennari

Stories of square and church, dead men and witches

Benito Mazzi, Gianni Pizzigoni, Maria Pia Zocchi

€26,00 (€ 21,00 for Museum's friends)

Exhibition catalogue. Hardback, 29x24 cm, 208 pages, 74 colour reproductions.


“The paintings of Antonio Gennari appear as short, popular stories which might have been told at the local tavern, or perhaps rather as tragic-comic plays. Always set in his native Vigezzo Valley, even when they have a religious theme, they differ from the artistic tradition of the valley in their provocative, irreverent content, and their lively figurative language which might be defined as dialectal.”


Arturo Martini

Sculture interrogated

Edited by Nico Stringa

€31,00 (€ 28,00 for Museum's friends)

Exhibition catalogue. Hardback with dust jacket, 24,5x29,5 cm, 148 pages, 62 colour reproductions, 60 black and white reproductions.
E. Crispolti, for a further reflection on the Martini's last period;
N. Stringa, Questions to the sculpture;
E. Rosmini, Testimony forvMartini;
Catalogue of the works on show;
Catalogue of the works of Arturo Martini in the Museo del Paesaggio of Verbania Pallanza; 
G. Pizzigoni, The Egle Rosmini collection in the Museo del Paesaggio; Chronology; Bibliography and exhibitions.

“This exhibition of sculptures made by Arturo Martini  between 1934 and 1947 focuses on the great artist’s last creative period (the Museo del Paesaggio possesses a significant group of Martini’s works). An exceptional series of masterpieces by the man who in 1944 publicly declared the death of sculpture.”


Gino Bionda 1919-1986

Watercolours and gouaches

Erminio Guida, Christiaan Veldman

€8,00 (€ 6,00 for Museum's friends)

Exhibition catalogue. Paper bound, 12x16 cm, 96 pages, 32 colour reproductions.

“The veterinary surgeon-turned-painter Gino Bionda (from Gravellona) moved to Paris, where he covered thousands of tiny sheets of paper with drawings and watercolours out of his vivid imagination. As Klee did before him, he explores the inexhaustible wealth of shapes with an incredible spirit of invention.”


La Madonna della Colletta in Luzzogno

Maria De Giuli, Cristina Piazza

No longer available


Mario Tozzi 1895-1979

Edited by Marilena Pasquali

€36,00 (€ 31,00 for Museum's friends)

Exhibition catalogue. Hard cover, 24x28 cm, 196 pages, 72 colour reproductions, 15 black and white photographs.

“This is the catalogue of the exhibition organized by the Museo del Paesaggio on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Mario Tozzi, a painter closely associated with Suna, Paris and Lignorelles (Bourgogne). In it we can follow his evolution as an artist from a style close to Impressionism to one with more classical overtones, defined as “natural metaphysical”, eventually straining towards abstraction.”


Paolo Troubetzkoy

Edited by Gianna Piantoni, Paolo Venturoli

No longer available

Exhibition catalogue.


Carlo Manini

Giovanni Quaglino

No longer available

Exhibition catalogue. Paper bound, 22x24 cm, 78 pages, 86 black and white reproductions.

“The catalogue reproduces 86 works by the Verbania sculptor Carlo Manini, executed between 1964 and 1989. In these works,  the  initial atmosphere is one of informality; later, the bulges, points and hooks of the compressed volumes give way to assemblages of pure geometric shapes fitted tightly together.”


Measures of the landscape

edited by Roberta Valtorta

€3,00 (€ 2,00 for Museum's friends)

Exhibition catalogue. Bound volume, 21x22 cm, 24 pages, 5 black and white images, 3 colour images

“Photography can be an excellent means of analyzing landscape, enabling the spectator to fully absorb its significance and giving a measure of its volume. This emerges from the work of eight photographers: Giampietro Agostini, Marco Baldassari, Carlo Barbon, Moreno Gentili, Nicola Lorusso, Martino Marangoni, Massimo Trenti, Marco Zanta.”


Architettura romanica nel Comune di Verbania

Alberto Fornara

No longer available


Quattro a Verbania

Edited by Omar Calabrese

No longer available

Exhibition catalogue


Momenti dell’irrazionale nella Valle Intrasca

Emanuele Villa

€1,50 (€ 1,00 for Museum's friends)

Bound volume, 21x30 cm, 32 pages, 11 black and white illustrations.

“The author has researched the wealth of beliefs and superstitions of the inhabitants of the Intrasca Valley, one of the wildest and most isolated valleys in the hinterland of Verbania. The darkness of the collective subconscious produced a world dominated by witches, wizards, black magic rites and monstrous creatures.”  


Museo del Paesaggio

Art History Museum of Verbania and area. 1909-1979

Various authors

No longer available


The Intrasca valley on a human scale

Silvano Carnesecchi, Gianni Pizzigoni

No longer available


Wayside shrines and sanctuaries of the Intrasca Valley

Silvano Carnesecchi, Gianni Pizzigoni

No longer available


Aptico, the sense of sculture

Jole Desanna

€6,00 (€ 5,00 for Museum's friends)

Paper-bound, with dust-jacket, 11x17 cm, 130 pages, 65 black and white photographs.

“Jole De Sanna and the sculptors Luciano Fabro, Hidetoshi Nagasawa and Antonio A. Trotta define as “aptico” the sense of sculpture: “A sculpture is the image that an artist-craftsman awakens in his material according to ends and ways inspired by his idea and his sense. Sculpture holds its spectator by the intellect and the flesh: this union forms a further sense, the “aptic” sense (apto= to touch, adhere, unite, bind together), the sense of sculpture.”



Verbania 74

Giorgio Seveso

€4,00 (€ 3,00 for Museum's friends)

Exhibition catalogue. Paper-bound, 20x20 cm, 100 pages, 40 black and white reproductions

“The catalogue reproduces works by 40 sculptors – Italian and foreign, all artists of distinction and involved in a wide variety of research in the field of contemporary art – who in 1974 took part in the first exhibition of open-air sculpture organised by the Museo del Paesaggio, establishing with their creations (some of them of considerable size) new interactions with the landscape.”

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