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Palazzo Viani Dugnani, via Ruga 44 28922 Verbania

10 am to 6 pm
10 am to 6 pm
10 am to 6 pm
10 am to 6 pm
10 am to 6 pm
10 am to 6 pm
Easter march 31st, 2024
Monday april 1st, 2024
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Tuesday april 2nd, 2024
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Attraverso is the solo exhibition of Valerio Tedeschi, curated by Lorella Giudici and Ilaria Macchi, organized by Asilo Bianco and set up at the Museo del Paesaggio in Verbania. His sculptures in dialogue with the works housed in the art gallery of Palazzo Viani Dugnani.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Asilo Bianco, Galleria Giannoni, the City of Novara and the Museo del Paesaggio of Verbania.

“Attraverso is a dual journey: in the works of a contemporary artist and in nineteenth-century canvases that are part of the Museo del Paesaggio’s collection, a journey that does not look at the sense of time but takes on meaning through subjects that marry and dialogue in perfect harmony. A dialogue of forms, colors, and content to make people understand how contemporary art can also have a great affinity with that of the past because art has no expiration date, it is a continuous reflection on life and the meaning of things,” Lorella Giudici explains.

“Attraverso emphasizes the movement to break through and go beyond that barrier also cultural between historical works and the contemporary,” adds Ilaria Macchi.

More than twenty sculptures by Valerio Tedeschi in the exhibition represent all his research and populate the rooms dedicated to Vigezzo painters, those with works by Guido Boggiani, Luigi Litta, Federico Ashton, and Sophie Browne; surprising are the Carrara marble Clods in the presence of Arnaldo Ferraguti’s monumental canvas Alla Vanga; fascinating is the encounter of the elegant works by Tedeschi with the two masterpieces by Paolo Veronese temporarily on display in the Verbania museum: Allegory with the Armillary Sphere and Allegory of Sculpture.

“It is very exciting to juxtapose my works with the collection of the Museo del Paesaggio, a reality that also boasts great sculptors: from Paolo Troubetzkoy to Arturo Martini. It is an intriguing challenge,” declares Valerio Tedeschi. The sculptor, born in Verbania, lives and works in Mergozzo in the shadow of that Candoglia quarry that has been supplying marble to Milan Cathedral for more than six hundred years.

The Verbania exhibition is the third stage of a journey that began with L’altra pelle at Villa Nigra in Miasino (NO) and continued with Soffi di marmo at Galleria Giannoni in Novara. On Lake Maggiore, the exhibition is presented completely revisited.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication on Tedeschi’s entire artistic research.

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