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The sculpture section contains work by Giulio Branca, Paolo Troubetzkoy and Arturo Martini.

The museum has 22 sculptures by Cannobio-born Giulio Branca (1850-1926), most of which were left it by his heirs. Having begun his career with a Neoclassical style, Giulio Branca then moved in a Romantic direction without ever losing sight of Verism.

The whole of the ground floor has been set aside for the work of Paolo Troubetzkoy (1866-1938), born in Intra, on Lake Maggiore, of a Russian father and American mother. At the artist’s request, his heirs donated all his plaster casts to the Landscape Museum from his Verbania home and his studio in Neuilly sur Seine in France.

The museum contains 53 works by Arturo Martini (1889-1947) including terracotta, nine plaster sculptures, seven paintings and four medals. His busy artistic life, with its wealth of exhibitions and continual creations, made him one of the most important sculptures in 20th century Italy. It was thanks to his companion Egle Rosmini, a Lake Maggiore native, that the Museo del Paesaggio obtained Martini’s sculptures, paintings and documentary material in 1979-80.

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