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8 as infinity


Casa Ceretti, via Roma 42 Verbania

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Saturday, June 29 at 6:00 PM, Casa Ceretti Laboratorio per l’Arte, located at via Roma 42, will inaugurate the exhibition “8 as Infinity” featuring works by Emanuela Mezzadri.

The leitmotif of this exhibition is the number 8, which, when laid horizontally, transforms into the symbol of infinity, signifying continuous flow, stability, hope, and resurrection.

This figure, part of the mathematical Fibonacci sequence, which is fundamental for the artist’s search for aesthetic balance, is represented in the dimensions or quantities of subjects related to nature, daily life, and memory.

In addition to landscapes of light and abstract horizons created using inks, and works that incorporate objects related to titles—poems (Haiku and Waka)—there is an installation dedicated to the passage of time and the continuation of an interactive work started in 2021 at the Fabbrica di Villadossola. This will take place in two phases: during the inauguration and at the finissage.


A painter and sculptor raised in Milan, she studied painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. She lives and works in Bieno di S. B. Verbano (VB) on Lake Maggiore.

In her works, she uses Haiku and Waka poetry to define the idea and the Fibonacci numerical sequence to construct the space or determine the quantity.

In her paintings, she creates landscapes of light and abstract horizons using washed, diluted, and layered inks through chemical reactions; in installations, she prefers to cover subjects—objects, even everyday ones—with ceramic mixtures and ash to remove their specificity and achieve only their archetypal representation.

In recent years, she has been interested in structuring interactive works with the public. She participates in exhibitions in Italy and abroad

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